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Security Fencing in the Scottish Borders & Edinburgh

Many of the fencing types in the Industrial & Commercial category can be included in Security Fencing  but they are generally also topped by either Barbed Wire Extensions, Coils of Razor Wire or Anti Scaling Cacti.  Smaller sized and heavier netting is available to stop or slow down intruders even with cutting tools, again gates can be manufactured to the same specification as the Fencing.


Security Fencing

1.8m high Weldmesh Fencing
1.8m high Weldmesh Fencing
Posts Installed in Concrete Foundations
Weldmesh Security Fencing
Security Fencing
Security Fencing
Security Fencing
Corner Straining Post Detail
Security Fencing
Installing Barbed Wire
Inter Straining Post Detail
Weldmesh Security Fence with Barb Extensions
End Straining Post Weldmesh Fence
Ball Stop Fencing
Chainlink Fencing with Barbed Wire Extensions
Chainlink Masterfence with Razor Barb
Chainlink on Concrete Anti-intruder Posts
Chainlink with 'Y' Head Extensions
Chainlink with Green PPC 'Y' Head Posts
Double Leaf Weldmesh Entrance Gates
External Straining Post Detail
Galvanised Weldmesh on Concrete Posts
Green PVC Chainlink on Green PPC Posts
High Security Chainlink with Razor Barb Deterent
Internal Straining Post Detail
Post Set in Concrete Foundations
Steel Pedestrian and Vehicle Gates
Steel Security Gate
Steel Security Vehicle Access Gates
Weldmesh Combi Pedestrian & Vehicular Gates
Weldmesh Corner Strainer Detail
Weldmesh Fence