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1st For Fencing Optional Extras

Optional Extras for your Shed or Summerhouse in the Scottish Borders & Edinburgh

Extra Doors

We can install Extra Doors to your Shed or Summerhouse.  They are usually available  anywhere but Eave Height is a factor should you want them in the side of your unit.

Stable Doors

These are popular in Worksheds where you can leave the top half open for air while working or reverse stable doors in Pethouses or Kennels where the bootom door can be left open to allow the animal to walk freely in or out.  Some of our Kids Playhouses are available with Stable Doors.

Opening Windows

These are available in both standard shed sized panes or as a more decorative window in our Summerhouses.  Generally we would advise the side windows to be opening instead of the front ones.


We can add a verandah to your Shed with floor and roof overhang and balustrades - we also have this feature on our Eden Chalet.  The Verandah is generally 600mm deep but can be any size if you want a sheltered area to sit out the wet British Summers!!

Internal Cladding & Insulation

We supply this option to Garden Offices, Chalets, Gymnasiums and Workshops, we increase the size of timber battens to suit the insulation required and generally advise to use our Premium Loglap Cladding on the outside and Standard Shiplap Cladding on the internal walls but customers can decide for themselves. We can also raise the Eave Height of the structure to accommodate timber ceilings which can also be Insulated.

External Window Shutters
These are particularly useful to protect windows and provide extra security for out of the way applications like Fishing Huts but can be used in Site Offices, Workshops or even on the Sheds used by retailers at Festivals and German Markets. If you have got valuables in your shed and need windows you can use these for added security.
Storm Strips to Roof

Storm Strips are Timber Straps we install on top of your felt to help secure it in particularly windy areas.  The strips help protect the felt but as you know in some of the recent storms we have had if you are unlucky enough to have the wind blowing hurricane force even the best applied felt can be stripped off, unfortunately!

Timber Shingles

These can be added on top of your felted roof to create a nice feature we use feather edge timbers to allow the rain to run off and they make a nice finish to the roof.

Decorative Felt Shingles

Again we always felt the roof first then add these Felt Shingles, they are available in a range of shapes and colours and can help protect your roof as they are heavy duty and can stand up to rigorous weather.  They look stunning in the correct application and can really finish off your timber Shed or Summerhouse.

Sheds & Summerhouses

Bowhill Chalet
Eden Chalet
Lomond Chalet
10x8 Eden Chalet in Log Effect
Glentress 6x4 Shed
7ft x 5ft Eildon Loglap Apex Shed
8ft Corner Chalet in Log
8ft x 6ft Glentress
8ft x 6ft Lomond Chalet
8ft x 6ft Lomond Chalet in Log
8ft x 6ft Lomond Chalet in Loglap Cladding
8ft x 6ft Lomond Chalet in Loglap Cladding
8ft x 6ft Solar Cabin
8ft x 8ft Corner Chalet in Loglap Cladding
8ft x 8ft Corner Chalet in Loglap Cladding
8x8 Pent Glentress
8x6 Spey
8x6 Glentress Shed
8x6 Spey Chalet in Shiplap
8x8 Gloomy Gang Hut Shiplap
Before (Old Summerhouse)
After (New Summerhouse)
Bespoke 4m x 3m Lomond Chalet in Loglap Cladding
Bespoke 4m x 3m Lomond Chalet in Loglap Cladding
Eden Chalet with 4ft Verandah
Eildon Gazebo
Corner Chalet
Lomond Chalet